• Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Features

75,000 square foot, SAS 70 Type II-certified data center in Atlanta, Georgia serves as its home base. Wholly owned and managed, the Atlanta facility serves as a staple to high-level, 24/7/365 security. With no single point of network failure,


  • Multiple utility power feeds
  • Two 'A' feed (primary) UPSs | One 3-module (N+1) 750 kVA unit | One 4-module (N+1) 2000 kVA unit
  • One 'B' feed (redundant) UPS 1 module 750 kVA unit
  • Ten 500 kW diesel-powered generators (N+1 capacity), controlled by dual PSSI static switchgear units
  • On-site fuel storage tank
  • Redundant cooling towers
  • Multiple pumps (N+1) to circulate water to CRAC units
  • Multiple CRAC units setup in a zone configuration
  • 36,000 gallon storage tank to hold make-up water for cooling towers
  • Private well to supply make-up water (well is backed up by city water)


  • 27,000+ sq ft of non-raised floor data center space
  • 25,000+ sq ft of raised floor data center space
  • Secured facility with 24x7 video monitoring and armed security
  • 24x7x365 on-site technical staff
  • Secured access to facility (controlled by a combination of proximity cards and biometric hand scanners)

The facility has multiple key features that allow us to provide solid service to our customers:
  • Six utility feeds from the Dallas Central Business District power grid, featuring reliable N+3 transformers with ATS switches, plus secure, concrete encased building feeds.
  • UPS and Generator Backup Power using true A+B power configurations.
  • All UPS and Generator deployments provide N+1 redundancy provided by:
    • Two 1200 KVA CAT UPS Systems
    • Four 2.0 megawatt generatorss
    • Three 1.5 megawatt generators
  • Advanced security maintained through:
    • On site security, 24/7/365
    • Card access required to enter parking and building lobby
    • Biometric hand scanner required for datacenter entry
    • Annual SAS 70 Audits
  • Consistent and precise HVAC Cooling System designed with N+1 redundancy and featuring:
    • 3500 Ton cooling tower capacity
    • 80,000 gallon reserve make-up water tank
    • Liebert Leak Detect System
    • Raised flooring

Our Tampa building is over 88,000 square feet in size. This area is segregated into three data-centers, the NOC, with the rest separated into suites and office space of varying sizes.

This facility is protected by over 100 cameras which are connected to a digital time-lapse recording system. In addition to the cameras, the building requires digital key-card entry at every door. To gain access to the data-center itself, you must swipe a keycard at three doors.
Physical security into any Sago Networks facility is several levels. All employees, customers and contractors are restricted to the necessary levels of access determined by job function and service. All customers are required to provide a government issued ID card/driver's license to place on file before being allowed into the facility.
Any persons not identified with a company prior to coming to a Sago Networks facility will be asked to provide identification and Sago Networks will contact the person of authorization for the account before access is granted. Customer's entering the facility are required to sign in with network operations center personnel and will be let into the facility by a network operations center employee.

We currently operates a network with 390Gbps connectivity to the internet. There are 2 separate fiber entry points for complete IP transport redundancy. Our core network uses BGP4 routing protocol - our bandwidth is %100 multi-homed Our network supports both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. We also has a multi-year dark fiber lease. The dark fiber is used to connect our main facility at Chicago Board of Trade and our POP at Equinix-CHI which gives access to any major internet carrier. Our data center is accessible 24x7 to existing customers who have servers housed at our facility.


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